segunda-feira, 14 de abril de 2008


Don’t know where it ends
Don’t know where it begins
Has it always been there?
Where have I hidden all my sins?

It comes and goes
Non-stop style
It goes up and down
Would you join me for a while?

This journey feels a little lonely sometimes
Company would do me some good
You say you understand what I say
And I thought no one else could

I go from one rhyme to another
From metaphor to metaphor
I’m happy that at least someone tries to get me
Even when I don’t know why you do that for

It doesn’t matter anyways
These ideas are loose in my mind
I just write them down
I release them for you to find.
They’re like feathers in the wind
They fly away from me
So please catch them
And you’ll be able to see
That the more I write
The closer I get to be free!

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