domingo, 28 de dezembro de 2008


Here comes that feeling again...It comes and goes as usual and I keep trying to find out what is really wrong.What is that that I miss sometimes?
Maybe I’m not missing anything but mylself.Poetic.Bullshit.There is nothing poetic about trying to put into words feelings that I don’t understand.
The fact is that I’m down…Just watched a comedy and I’m feeling terrible.
Sunday night blues,perhaps.
Well,maybe it’s just the bunch of sad things I’ve been around lately: people fighting,couples breaking up,too much of horror movies and drama…some of my closest and dearest friends have been through some really bad things and add the end of the year to that and what I have is the sensation we are heading to the end of the world .
Maybe it’s just my period.
It doesn’t really matter what makes me feel like this as I know I won’t figure the reason by writing these empty words in here.
Sometimes I just feel that life is not worth the fight.Being happy is so hard and when you do feel happy you realize that there are so many miserable and sad people around you that it almost makes you feel guilty for being so.
You know what is really hard?Relationships…well,I don’t have realationship problems but everybody I know has it in some level.It’s tiresome how much effort people put in trying to be unhappy when being happy is actually easier. Not easy, just easier .
Why can’t people just relax?Why do we sometimes overreact to such small ,insignificant things?What is the matter with us?
I keep crying and writing,hoping that at least for now,this pain will go away and allow me to have a good night of sleep.
Sometimes it’s just like a nightmare :it’s horrible but you know you’ll wake up eventually.
That’s it: I’ll get some sleep and when I wake up,I’ll be just fine…as I always am.

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