terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2008


Don’t poke your nose into it
Don’t tell them what to do
Don’t make any personal comments
Wait for them to ask you

Don’t try to fix things
Don’t teach them wrong from right
Don’t help them to find out
This is not worth the fight

Why do you even bother helping?
Don’t you see they don’t even care?
You waste your time concerning
Have you forgotten life is not fair?

And who are you to try changing things?
Maybe they were just supposed to be this way
So you’d better pretend you’re blind
You’d better not listen to what they say

Future will come
Sooner or later
There will be consequences
And no matter what happens
Innocents shall pay for other people’s mistake
Life is not fair,I know
I just wish I could save one
If I can not do so
I’ll pray to God to help me out
I write this little prayer
And hope that this one little soul can be spared
I hope this one little soul knows how much I care.

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